Friday, June 19, 2009

Session 1341 -- Get Acquainted Session - Outreach/Marketing Cluster

Methods to reach faculty and students
· Georgia Tech participates in new student orientation and finds that works well as a fun way to get involved in students’ community from the beginning.
· Megan (Purdue) approached the Civil Engineering department with the news of a digital repository for them – good opportunity to market library and added services, develop working relationship on which to build.
· John ( U Minn.) Developed web pages for each class – didn’t wait for faculty to ask or approve but presented as fait accompli.
· Gretchen (Temple) - vendor fairs work well; attract mostly graduate students and faculty; got great feedback; nice having vendors demo databases and promote new features and opportunities. Patterned after Dartmouth model; held from 11-2; provide food; solicit vendors for financial support and raffle items
· Pasty (Auckland) Use summer vacation to good effect to market latest services, find out about new courses and information needs. Be precise and firm about setting up a meeting: “May I stop by Monday at 2:30? No, then how would Tuesday at 10:00 work?”
· Provide a display area in the library that is dedicated to faculty research – “1,000 people walk by this spot every week – would you like to see your work featured?”
· Provide grant-writing sessions, develop library resources to help (mixed results noted from participants)
· Maliaca (Ariz): Good success generating interest with more general programming (a la public library services). At homecoming, sponsored a Junior Scientist Day. Departments could bring their student groups to feature work; helps faculty fulfill their outreach mission. So many groups wanted to participate, had to restrict numbers. Offers book clubs as a community building program. Developed a speaker series – faculty excited to talk about their research outside their departments.
· Willie (GA Tech)– focus on ABET requirements – ethics tutorials that provided a significant boost to faculty relations
· Provide reference services in the department? Megan noted mixed results. Student lounge is better venue; food key. Impact on staff time is an issue.
· Dave (UCSD), Bring in relevant student projects for display in the library; feature competitions/research
· Scientific art on display – builds community -- and covers bare walls (!)
· LibGuides – don’t ask, just tell you have already completed it, welcome feedback; using WebVista, Moodle
· Get invited to college curriculum committee meetings. Consider what resources they will need, develop presence with faculty, especially new faculty who may not appreciate all the resources available. Help set up keyword alerts, feeds for their research.
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