Thursday, June 18, 2009

Special Interest Groups: Assessment of libraries, of learning

Our small group discussed ideas on assessment and tools/strategies used:

... of learning:
  • Outcomes-based, some libraries create outcomes for their overall information literacy programs, some at the course-level, some at the instruction session level. At course-level, one example involved librarian-faculty collaboration to implement 7-question pre and post-test, print journals was an area students have trouble with locating, others mentioned using quizes, looking at projects/papers, getting faculty feedback on improvement in student learning
  • Student self-assessment tied in with larger institutional instruments (a few questions on information literacy are incorporated)
  • One idea is to study how recent alumni have transferred their information literacy knowledge from the university to the workplace
  • Citation analysis of papers/projects
  • Working with faculty on assessment of projects, esp. literature review sections
  • Importance of collaborating with faculty, directors of writing centers and first year programs and tying in with AbET, NEASC and other regional accreditation self-studies, etc.
  • Bruce recommended taking a look at Mark Emmons work at U of New Mexico
  • We joked about using a Facebook quiz. "Everyone would take it."

... of libraries and services:

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