Thursday, June 24, 2010

Challenges, Vision, and the Role of Academic Libraries in Building Institutional Repositories

Moderator: Scott Warren, Syracuse University Library
Jay Bhatt, Drexel University;
Mel DeSart, University of Washington;
Maliaca Oxnam, University of Arizona;
Peter Zuber, Brigham Young University

Goals of Institutional Repositories (IRs) include providing scholars with method of global access and preservation of research.
·         Time investment for staff, only one (BYU) mentioned they have dedicated state for their IR
·         Utilize student staffing is possible
·         Initial discussions with faculty extremely important
·         Focus on specific campus collections:
o   Drexel: student posters
o   ASU: Tree ring research
o   BYU: Herbarium, Historical clothing, student work (portals for each collection)
·         Policy decisions for consideration:
o   Types of materials collected (student work or not?)
o   Unmediated depositions or not? ASU mentioned faculty want to be empowered to add their own collections, but the librarians set up the structure for them; most support and recommend unmediated user submission
o   Length of time items will be collected
o   When faculty deposit then leave an institution
o   “closed” collections – for institutional only or embargoes for specialized research
·         Infrastructure & support varies. Some librarians partner with IT to build/support
·         Develop campus partnerships: copyright office, departments (note also that Ginny Baldwin found at her institution ChemEng department hired students to add their scholarly output)
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