Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get Acquainted: Scholarly Communications discussion

Recent activities:

  • UW-Madison - Scholarly Communications Committee (but not much faculty/campus admin participation), faculty resolution adopting CIC author addendum, institutional repository, BibApp tool (portal, open acess check ith Sherpa/Romeo, setting up for batch loads to repository), NIH public access law, liaison copyright retention and open access, CIC conference on e-research and data management

  • ELD “Punch list” of best practices (?) – interest in updating

  • ELD SC committee is dormant

  • Seeing many ads for SC librarians (in title) – are they being filled? is it a full-time job?
    o Binghamton: hiring SC/grant writer
    o MIT: half-time SC, half-time ?
    o Julia Gelfand: Training/development, website, program development – don’t see as full-time, tech services is out of the loop
    o University of Pennsylvania: SC librarian defining his job as he goes along, from humanities/social sciences background; may merge in data management
    o U. Washington: only have 2 AULs which is on the light side; adding directors of topical areas that report to UL (Assessment – on ARL road show, Collections/E-resources & SC); IR is under IT
    o UW-Madison: GLS IR Librarian, Ebling Library Assist. Dir. for SC, Wendt Library Collections/E-resources & SC
    o ? – Assistant Dean for SC – defining his job as he goes along
    o Colorado State U. – Assistant Dean for SC – acquisitions, collection development, public services; IR Librarian

Institutional repository issues

  • How convince faculty to deposit in IR? Better response if have mandate from admin?
    o Brown U.: linking to papers, rather than “depositing” them
    o What about author disambiguation? Big issue.
    o Iberonke Q: Do you start with defining what goes into IR? If not, you could get a mishmash. A: MIT’s narrow scope backfired – turning into e-bookshelf – anything of interest to our researchers – not just MIT-authored
    o Our researchers are interested in disciplinary repositories
    o What is the definitive copy? (CIC conference)
    o U. Washington: using Manikin; Asian bark drawing images – used for actual research; renaming ResearchWorks@Washington – creating portals to just interact with Faculty ResearchWorks, Student ResearchWorks; concerned about faculty reaction to mishmash
    o CalTech: using e-Prints (not dSpace); grad students interested in updating bib for CV
    o Can our IRs be used to help populate DRs? Vice versa? Anyone tracking what’s going into PMC etc.?
    o MIT: beginning ethnographic study of researcher publishing practices
    o Julia: Once they get the letter of acceptance, they’re done with that article and on to the next thing; we need tools like Madison’s [BibApp]
    o How reliable is Sherpa/Romeo? Not completely up to date.
    o Faculty response – there are already so many NIH rules and regulations, this is no big deal; Office of Sponsored Research has ultimate responsibility – they had no clue this was going on before libraries brought it to them – unfunded mandate
    o Publishers are asking people to contact Congress against it; ALA the opposite
    o Iberonke: sponsored a Faculty Research Day; invited NIH funded researchers and Office of Sponsored Research; made inroads
    o CSU: Anyone using IR as PR tool? We use Fedora; library website team wants to highlight; very time intensive to review for author disambiguation
    o Some faculty hand us their CV and say “do what you want”
    o U. North Texas: Provost requiring “Faculty Profiling System” (unfortunate name) just for CV so can create institutional profile

ASEE “Publish to Present” requirement - no longer “Abstracts Only” option

  • ASEE publications require complete transfer of author copyright
    o Costs money to submit to Smoothpaper
    o Doesn’t affect guest speakers, panel sessions, ELD poster session (have to call it panel session)
    o Will we still be able to post on ELD website? Don’t know.
    o ELD has spoken with ASEE about adopting transfer of publishing rights only – response was NO.
    o Flip side – May get ASEE to agree to author addendum, specifying what author does have rights to (laundry list)
    o Current PIC IV chair does not yet understand this issue (she’s outgoing) – she said each individual can ask for their rights back when they need it [note: she spoke a bit on this issue at the ELD board meeting]