Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thoughts on improving conference papers -- an interesting posting by an ASEE member on blog

Just came across this blog entry 'Alice's late-nite pointers to writing conference papers"
on a blog titled 'Science and an Engineerbeing the change we want to see.' The author, Alice Pawley, in this post asks, 'What are your thoughts on what would improve conference papers?'. There are some interesting comments posted underthat, I think, will make a useful reading.

The author points out three shortcomings in many ASEE papers. One of them is:

"... Lots of papers seem to set out good arguments at the beginning for trying to figure certain things out, but then never return to that set of arguments in the methodology and the conclusion".

Today, during the Professional Issue Forum, we all witnessed the dyanamic and spirited discussion on 'Publish to Present' issue led by Amy Van Epps.

So, I thought this post will make an interesting reading for everyone who may consider writing and presenting a paper during the 2009 ASEE conference in Austin, Texas.


Amanda Werhane said...

As an aside, Alice Pawley coordinated bringing the traveling exhibit "Petticoats & Sliderules: SWE, A History of Women Engineers" to Wendt Library a couple of years ago.

And her mother, Christine Pawley, is a faculty member of the School of Library & Information Studies at the UW-Madison.

Amy VE said...

Alice is on faculty here at Purdue, in Engineering Education, so if she has insights we'd like her to share with ELD, I can easily make those connections.

Jay said...

Amy, Excellent idea of your making connection with Alice and sharing her insights with ELD. Jay

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