Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two items: 1. Importance of student feedback 2. Donna Beck winner of daily prize drawing

I attended a portion of a session 1530: Design: Content and Context (Educational Research & Methods Division) in which presenters of a paper addressed issues dealing with the teaching of engineering design to undergraduates, as well as using a design paradigm in the context of curriculum enhancement. One of the issues that was discussed dealt with the importance faculty feedback to students on their submited responses to the given assignements. Just merely providing grades to students make them feel that the faculty members are 'not serious' about their learning or educational achievements. More meaningful and detailed feedback is absolutely necessary.

It reminded me of Sunday afternoon's workshop presentation on 'What Every Librarian Should Know about Assessment' by Gloria Rogers from ABET, in which she pointed out that providing feedback to students on their assignments is extremely critical and important. Good feedback inspires and motivates students to learn those subject areas in which they did not do well before.

I also saw on the ASEE blog that Donna Beck of Carnegie Mellon University won a personal DVD player in the daily prize drawings category. Congratulations, Donna!